Saturday, 9 August 2014

Using Spellbinder Dies to make Beautiful Cards

Hello everyone, it has been a very long time since I wrote a crafty blog, so I thought now would be as good a time as any.  

I love using dies of all makes, sizes and types, but I saw this kind of design on another blog, which is presented by Christina Griffiths.  I give her the credit for this design, which spurred me on to make many variations of it, in different colour schemes for different occasions. 

This first blog then is a tutorial on how I make this beautiful card.  It is also a tribute to my favourite customer who always asks for this style of card when she wants something special.  I don't have a business and don't sell for profit.  It is a love of crafting that keeps me going when sometimes I would rather not keep going.

So, first of all, I choose a colour scheme: pink and white

And here are the dies

First of all I use the largest die, turning it over and drawing around it.  This gives me the back of the card, which will be set aside until other pieces are ready.

So this is the back of my card.  I just love this shape and would suggest that the card used for this page should be the same colour on both sides. It just looks smarter, I think.

Now it is time to cut out all the pieces needed to make this beautiful creation.

As you can see, lots of die, and lots of cutting out.  The spellbinders tool in the bottom photograph is a brilliant idea.  You just slide in between the card and die and hey presto.... Your die cut comes out in one piece.  The easier for me the better.

So here are all the pieces, cut out and embossed.  I used my trusty Grand Calibur, which has never let me down and always produces clean cut die cuts.

I really enjoy cutting out the dies for this creation.  As you can see, I turned the stand over, drew round it and then cut it out.  This is to give the actual die cut stand some extra strength to support the finished article.  It also means I can use contrasting colours of card for the stand.  

How about a little song........

Right then, back to crafty stuff.  What is your favourite crafty thing you use?  Mine has to be absolutely everything.  I know, but it really all depends on what I am making.  I love new card when it arrives through the post......are you like me, and enjoy looking and touching, and then putting it away?  Sometimes I take it out and look at it, but back it goes.  It is such a shame to cut into pretty card, unless, of course you make something even more prettier with it.

Back to Spellbinders is what you have once everything is cut out.  You will notice that I printed the sentiment and a scripture, which I was asked for, on one piece of card.  It may be a waste in some ways, but I have the template on my MAC ready to use, and all I have to do is change the age and name of the person.  Easy peasey, lemon squeezy.

Can you see how well things fall into place?  The next thing to do is to score the centre of each page either side of the pointy bit.  Then set aside the back page for later.  Using double sided sticky tape I stuck each page onto the the one behind it, making sure it was central.  Here are even more photographs of what I did........

It's coming together beautiful now, isn't it?  Did you see the photo where I was bending the pages over the edge of my coffee table?  It helps to do this to give depth to the finished product.  So now we are ready to embellish with lots of shiny things and flowery things and Lacey netty flowery stuff and lace and all things bling!

You see now why it is best to keep the back page separate until needed.  Scoring the pages is easier than you might think.  Place the pointy bit in one groove and score down the next groove, then put the pointy bit into that groove  and score down the other groove.  I hope that is clear for you.  After sticking the rest of the pages together, you can bend them carefully so that they raise up a little bit. I love using Anita's tacky glue, so down the front spine I poured some all the way down.  I cut the white net with flowers long enough to bend over the top and bottom.  If you use ribbon do the same.  Too much is better than not enough.  I placed the flowery net down the centre of the spine and folded the excess round to the back.  On the back I used double sided sticky tape...3 down the centre and one each side of that.  Then I fixed the whole set of pages to the back one.  This covers all the sticking of the ribbon etc as it is now between all the front pages and the back one.

So now I have added the Birthday sentiment and blinged it with lovely shiny gemstones.  I scored and folder both parts of the stand and put glue on the patterned one on the back.  You can also see that little bit of sticky tape on the opposite side of the sentiment.....well, here is what that is all about

So, I fixed white cotton lace to the opposite side of the sentiment, and then fixed the other end of the lace to the oblong die cut, covering it with the die cut which has the scripture on it.  Then I made a small bunch of flower.  I used double sided sticky tape to adhere the ribbon onto the die cut, then turned the flowers over and poured some of that lovely Anita's tacky glue all over the back.  I then pressed it gently onto the die cut with the ribbon.  Fabby fabby do....we are getting there.

Would you like to see the finished creation? Yes? No? Well here it is anyway.

So, I made up the box and lined it with pink lining and it is all finished.

All card and the box came from
Lining came from
Flowers came from
Gemstones came from

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you have enjoyed my wee blog.

See you soon


  1. Good to see you posting again. Love that effect with the spellbinders. Nice work.

    1. Thank you Alice. I thought I would try again with the blog thing.


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