Monday, 22 August 2016

Hello Folks

Just a note to say I moved house.  I have been and had surgery on both my eyes.  There is no craft stuff to post as I could not see properly.  Now I am on the way to recovery so there might be something later on.  As this is craft and chat I thought I would chat with you all today instead.  

You might see that my name has changed as my divorce has come through, so now I am back to my maiden name Sutherland.  

I found this picture on Facebook and would love to make something with it.  Maybe a poster or card or something.  It speaks to me of hope and surviving, sometimes together and other times alone.  That is my arty side coming out.  

I still see my doggies most days and they have got used to living in two houses now.  Do you remember them?  Here they are:

This is Jazz.  He is ten years old now.

This is Bess and she is eleven years old now.

I hope your crafting is reaching new heights and that you are experimenting and finding new things to make and use.  There is always something new coming out isn't there?

Since I moved I learned to crochet.  Even I am amazed at that.  I never would have believed that I could do it never mind make stuff, but I have.  

So here is the bedspread and cushion cover I made:

So there you have it.  I have no doubt I will be back, I just don't know when.   

Have a great day.

love and hugs .  Annie xxx

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