Saturday, 21 April 2018

Hello everyone.  I am finally back from the black hole I had been in for a while.  Since I have seen you all I have had a divorce, I have moved home, one of my dogs died, I almost lost my sight (that was very scary). So now, I am settled in my new home, changed my name back to my maiden name and this week have picked up the baton to card making once more. It has taken almost 4 years but I am here. 

At present I am making Craftsuprint designs amongst others so I will show you here what I have made so far.  They are for sale and to buy them you have to go to this link 

Here are some images of what I have made this weekend. 

I hope you like them.  

Do you remember Jazz my beautiful Border Collie? 

Well, Jazz crossed over the Rainbow Bridge November 14th 2015.  I really miss him so much even now.  However, I still have Bess.

Bess lives with my ex in a village about 3 miles away and I see her most days.  Things have changed so much since I have last been here.  My faith has grown in leaps and bounds and I am more content that I have ever been.  I have been disabled for a while and that has kept me indoors mostly, but that does not mean I am not active.  My mind has been challenged and I write a daily blog Monday - Friday which is really a bible study for people who like it emailed to them or put on their timeline on Facebook. I also host online church on Thursday evenings and on Sundays, which is the best thing that could have happened to me.  

So I will let you know more about what's happening in my life as time goes on, but thought I would come in and say hello. 

I wonder if any of you will remember me.  Hopefully some of you will and will once again strike up a conversation with me from time to time. 

I will leave you now until next time.  Be blessed and keep crafting. 

Love and hugs 

Annie xxx

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