Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Hello everyone.  How are you today?  I know it has been a very long time since I popped in here.  Lots have been happening and my creativity has been centred on Bible Study  Blog Writing.  But today I have managed to get some photos of cards I have made using my Hallmark card maker and Crafts U Print and maybe one or two of my own designs. 

First I would love to say 

How have you all been? I hope you are fine and gearing up for Christmas. Yes, I know it is the beginning of November but Christmas will soon be here.  

Here we go then: 

This is from some freebie die cut Christmas sets I received.  I added the flower and the bow and used a peel off for the greeting.  A4 card folded into an A5 card.  Simples! 

This one is cute, I think.  Autumnal and wintery although I would rather be wearing the gloves than have them hanging outside in the rain and the wind lolol.

This one is part of a set of clip art drawings from Sassy Cheryl in the 2018 Christmas Mega Pack. And here are some more : 

I added the sentiments myself and used Stickles glitter glue to put a sparkle onto the images and used snowflakes from Crafty Bob (CUP). They are fun and can be made into sets. 

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet? Here is a great little Christmas song to help you on your way.

I cannot believe this is going to be my 5th Christmas here in my home.  Where has the time gone? I am so happy to be here and I love being able to craft when the idea hits me.  I had a couple of years off due to loss of sight, I've had a few falls and now don't go out because walking is such a pain for me, literally.  These are not complaints nor are they excuses - Oh and my beloved Jazz died  - 

RIP Jazz xx

However, I still have Bess

It is so heartwarming to have canine companionship from time to time. I truly miss Jazz but Bess is still her charming self.  She comes in and has a pat on the head and runs upstairs to my front bedroom where she sleeps on the double bed - thank you very much!! 

This is a very unusual card, and I do not remember where the image comes from. I am sure if someone recognises it they will tell me😀

This is a small 5 x 5 Christmas card from CUP.  Its reference number is cup916406_93448.  If you go to the CUP website and put that reference into the search it will take you to where you can buy the design. 

This is a Hallmark design from their card making software programme. 

This is from CUP, reference: cup460164_503 

I have not decided yet if I have any favourites, but I think they are all my favourites. Have you made your cake yet? It should be made and you should be pouring the brandy onto it periodically!! 

Helen Howell is an artist and she painted the above image of the robin on the chimney. I think it makes a lovely Christmas Card, don't you? You can find it here: cup886517_37881

And this one is in a kit from which you can make a variety of cards: s-s-a tasteof christmas also in CUP.

So you can see that I have been very busy.

Lastly, here is a Birthday card: 

This is also an image from CUP and its part of a set of ladies at the races. cup536906_1443

I hope you have enjoyed these cards today.  I don't know when I will be back, but be blessed to be a blessing until I return.

Until next time. God bless you xxx

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  1. Lovely cards Annie so sorry to hear about Jazz. My Taz died a few weeks ago having had cancer. She was nearly 20, I miss her so much.


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